Leaving this place


The Raven perched outside my window with blood tipped wings.

He stares at me with coal blackened eyes.

The silence begins to ware on my thoughts.

I feel a presences peering from the shadows behind me.

I dare not move or utter a sound that might show fear.

I feel him drawing closer but taking his time to taunt me.

The need to speak grows if only to break the silence.

Words forming in my throat as I feel the darkness growing stronger.

I stand and turn to face the darkness I will not go calmly.

I will not go silently into the night.

The words now are strong and my thoughts are clear.

Darkness stands before me and I feel no fear.

I speak the words go back into the shadows, go back to the cold and the tormented you are not welcome here. Not now so go back and never come to the place again for I will call onto you when I know the time has come.