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Drugs and Devastation

This is one subject that 1st breaks my heart and 2nd makes me the maddest!

I can’t say that I have ever been an angle cause I haven’t but I know right from wrong and no matter how you slice it this is just WRONG.

I have had SO MANY friends taken by this and when I think about the subject in it’s entirety my goes in so many different directions that is hard to stick with just 1 main thought as you can probably tell.

One thing to think about is how it effects the children that have to live in these households. Trying to wake parents so they can be loved not to mention taken care of.

It’s bad enough what you do to yourself but what you do to them is unforgivable.

Children do NOT ask for much, all they want is a loving parent. No matter how well you THINK you take care of them or LOVE them your WRONG.

I can’t even say you are only thinking about yourself because it’s obvious you don’t even do that.

However you do show how cruel and thoughtless you really are.

I have tried to feel sorry for those that do these things but it’s NOT a sickness or disease those are excesses not only YOU but the medical field have given so not only do you get your drugs but they have found ways to keep you taking them and giving you ways to make money to afford them.

STOP being an ass and showing just how stupid you are and start showing that you want a life and a life for your children.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone but this is one thing I can not stand to have going on when so many lives are shattered by it.

4 Replies to “Drugs and Devastation”

  1. I am that child and you are correct, it shattered my already desperate existence of neglect, abuse and homelessness. Addiction should never be a child’s burden to bare when we are already collapsing under the weight of everything that goes along with it.


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    1. I can’t say I’m sorry for what you went through strongly enough.
      I never had to live this life but I’ve known so be that have, either being the addicted or the child.
      I am always here if you need someone and I like hearing the stories and it seems to help some by talking about it.

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  2. Addiction takes many shapes and impacts through a ripple effect. When someone asks for help is given these meds of so-called beta-blockers. Make You think the pain is been subsided but that is just mirage.

    I will tell from first-hand experience working in the streets with homeless Youth, crude reality is the weak will perish almost without question the Strong will survive but are never without scars.

    I have seen kids no older than 16 O.D right before my eyes from carfentanyl imagine fentanyl on its own is potent so let’s say you 500 pills outta those maybe 150 are instant kill shots or what we call(Hot Doses) imply the same to Carfentantyl 350 are Kill shots!!

    And the sad reality of this epidemic it’s very accessible




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