We all may have those days we look in the mirror and think to ourselves yep I look as bad as I feel.

Then we see something or maybe hear a song or read something that speaks to us and we begin to feel that other side of us that says NOPE I going to make the best of this day and when we show that feeling outward it’s like a virus of GOOD that spreads from us to all of those we connect with during the day.

To borrow a line from a song by Bon Jovi don’t be just another wave in the ocean or another grain of sand be the ROCK that stands out and gets noticed. Anything we want to do or be we CAN!

Take a stand and make your life what you want from it

Don’t forget to be that shoulder when someone is in need!

Sometimes the hardest thing to do isn’t to stand up for yourself but to stand up for OTHERS. It takes a special person to put themselves in arms way for others even strangers but if you feel someone needs your help or your protection STAND up for them and be that wall that will not break between them and whatever can hurt them whether it’s a person, addiction, or feeling worthless.