Haunting Memories


A simple night of dinning

My eyes catch a movement as they sometimes do

A figure walks across the room

A memory pops into my mind

Same build, same hair, same style of clothes

A lump forms in my throat

My pulse begins to increase

Should I look and wait for you to turn around or pretend I don’t see you

I glance again but still can only see you with your back to me

I turn away should I look again and make eye contact

My breathing becomes more faint as though I can’t get air

I look again but still you are looking away

I think maybe you saw me and are feeling the same way, afraid to look me in the eye

I see you turn out of the corner of my eye

I wait for you to walk closer

I look your way but then it’s not you

Do I feel relief or disappointment

The memories of you haunt me but sometimes I wish that person was you