Vivi La Vita

Never Forget

I try to think but I have a whirlwind in my head.

I try to stay calm but my temper is like a volcano.

I try to listen to my heart but It’s silent.

Should I stop breathing,

scatter my ashes to the wind.

This would is harsh and I cannot find my way.

Should I forget my dreams, tell them to others so they go on.

My heart is cold and withered.

Should you forget how strongly I loved look at my children, I will always live within them.

4 Replies to “Never Forget”

    1. I guess the best way to put it is I’m very complex. I do feel that way at times but with a million other ways all at the same time. really hard to explain, not depressed and thinking of killing myself but very confused maybe. I can be happy, depressed, angry, cheerful all at the same time.
      in anycase it’s ok i deal with it and try to keep a postive attitude.


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