The Journey


As a young boy I was of course happy and filled with life.

life has a way of changing us, loss after loss along with so much pain, it tends to make us someone else.

I’ve always had a big heart and I guess I always will but it’s damaged and ran through with holes from so many daggers that life plunged into my very soul.

I try my best to keep the light shinning and keep hope alive, but at times it’s all my body can bare to just keep smiling.

I’m really not one to share all or even a little of me, I have always kept my masks on when around others and felt my pain was mine to bare and I shouldn’t put onto others.

Today I thought I would share just a little and maybe you can understand where my words and feelings come from.

Now later in life I push forward no more mask to wear but I still keep what’s mine buried deep inside of me and try my best to only keep faith that life will relax its grip on me so that I can help others and try to show them another path to take in life so they don’t face the demons I have.