The Flame Among Darkness


Preview of my newest story

Shelia was a student of law in California, she got into law after the death of her mother at the hands of a would be rapist.

Her mother was with Shelia’s younger sister Samantha that horrific night. Samantha was only 12yo when a man approached her at the town fair, while her mom was buying tickets for some of the rides they were anxiously wanting to try.

He was dressed very well and carried a camera, He asked Samantha if she would take a photo of him in front of a ride he was about to get on, not knowing any better since she was surrounded by people and the ride was only a few feet away, she agreed but said she had to hurry back to her mother.

They walked around a concession stand and All a flimsy fence the fair had put up, this is where the man grabbed Samantha and pushed her through a cut in the wall the man had made.

Her mother saw her as they walked past the concession stand and began to follow her.

She heard a wimpier from the other side, when she got through the fence the sight in front of her at first put her in shock. Then a wave of anger raged through her and the only thought was getting her baby away.

Chapter 2 in the works if this is well liked.