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This Moring’s Battle With A Child’s Depression

We had one of our worst scares this morning when I was awakened by pounding on the front door!

I had family that showed up early this morning with fear that one of my children was taking their life. He had written a text to his twin sister stating that he was giving his possessions to her and couldn’t live any longer with what he faced each day.

The true signs are sometimes never there and can be very well hidden behind ever what seem to be happy faces but what lays behind the mask is torn and confused.

They see no relief and THINK nobody can help them because they feel we just dont understand what they feel or how their battle is to complicated to even explain.

What it’s doing to me and the family is simply exhausting and leaving us scared and feeling helpless.

I’m doing my best to show him he is NOT alone and he is LOVED but now we are facing the question are we enough to help him or is the thought of finding a facility the only choice we have in order to make sure he is SAFE and cared for correctly.

2 Replies to “This Moring’s Battle With A Child’s Depression”

  1. My heart goes out to you and your family… Especially Jae! Hope he can see how much his family loves him and that he can find his self worth and happiness! He may be in a dark place now but things will get better if he can just hold on.

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