The Seeker


Sometimes we don’t understand.

We may not see the importance.

We may not have an opinion.

We may have doubts.

We may ask why and get no answer.

But understanding the feelings of someone else should never come with questions, instead we should always have open arms and stand with them to the end.


One Reply to “Understanding”

  1. Easier said then done James

    When you find yourself in a state of crisis,You see who truly is real those in my pack know I will never turn my back or abandon them if this means my sacrifice so beat it . I am not the hero never ever will be I have many flaws anguish that torment me and my Darkness feeds voraciously without laying dormant.

    Be Real as the hero is not you welcome and embrace all aspects of the RAW YOU !

    To vindicate harm on me and wreak violence is one thing but to come after my pack”

    I have one word of vice (Don’t Fucking miss )because the only way that will stop me from ending your agonizing suffering in which I will enjoy every aspect without mercy nor empathy is if I breathe no more on this Earth .

    “So choose and think very wisely about the recoil of your actions”

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