Surviving And Recovering

Abuse no matter the form is NOT ok and should not be tolerated by anyone!

I have known so many that have been made feel they weren’t ANYTHING worthy of happiness. This is not the case and I wish that all women could see they do have the choice to get away and live a happy life.

This look should NEVER be worn by anyone Man, Woman, or Child!

Abuse is the lowest any human can put upon another person or animal.

It takes a very weak person to do these acts of cowardice to another living creature human or otherwise!

You do have a right to live your life and be happy, so I beg anyone that is in this situation be brave and take back your life, there are people that will stand by your side and help you.

This is the last thing you should see before your life takes a new path. Everything behind you will be the past and maybe not forgotten but left exactly where it belongs. (behind you)

If you break away from the chains that bind you and only look forward, happiness WILL find you!

There is a person out there that will only protect and LOVE you.

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