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Verbal and Mental Abuse

Silent was the night and I was alone watching a movie when the phone rang when I picked it up, I heard a voice that had not been around in many years.

It was my old childhood sweetheart that I hadn’t seen much less heard from in over 15 years.

I was so happy to hear her voice again, we started talking and it lasted for serval hours until she noticed the time and said she had to go but would call again the next day.

Last time I saw her she was 12 years old and she was my best friend as well as I believe to be the one that owns my heart.

She was now 27yrs old and just been through a very rough divorce, but I had no idea just how rough or how deeply it had scarred her.

The next day she called around 3 pm and asked if I could see her well, of course, I was going to see her, hell I almost gave myself a concussion after hitting my head while running out the front door.

We met and went to a nearby diner for drinks and to catch up.

After about an hour I asked about the divorce and what happened, she was reluctant but agreed to tell me. I was absolutely shocked and how mean and vile a person could be to another. I had to be honest, I wanted to get even for her, he had taken all the innocents from her and left mostly a shell of who she was.

After this, I dedicated myself to learning more about this type of person and about the women impacted by the mental and physical abuse they endured.

I have since tried to help and teach others that the first sign of ANY abuse is when they should GET AWAY!

I know a lot say they love them, or they are scared about what may happen if they do or a 1000 other reasons and I do understand now how they feel BUT They have to first see that there is NO love for them from the other person only pain and suffering and if there are children in the household it puts them in so many dangers.

To ANYONE that is or has been in this relationship PLEASE get out and seek help from anyone! That is the first step of many to getting recovery.

LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS to all of you!!

6 Replies to “Verbal and Mental Abuse”

  1. No one should ever feel as though they lashed out in silent terror”

    In my case and many others that confided in me in their crisis, So many say why didn’t you fight back or just if only it was that easy there are many variables. That could mean kids no stable foundation because of being constant ripped and shattered into nothing you come to accept this is what you deserved.

    Nothing is ever black and white ever and many cases this is evident in cause and affect of abuse sexual,mental,physical.

    Many developed Stockholm in my case this was very clear I endured horrific physical,mental abuse started when I was 9-16 many times I kept asking myself what dud I do to deserved this ?

    There were many times I thought that I was going to be dead at the hands of Mommy Dearest and that twisted sadistic ,monstrosity fucking bitch Dr Jeckyll & Mrs Hyde.

    I did once try to ask for help as my mate did and when I went to someone I could trust was told stop telling stories because no one could believe how surreal my testament was. That night after the schooled had called “It” Mommy Dearest I thought Hyde would snuffed violently the life outta me that night.

    As result of enduring horrific subjection in the Basement of Secrets I was not being myself since before Christmas things and thoughts I was seeing and feeling violently so surreal. Was all going through the dimensions of (P T S D )

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  2. I cannot agree more. I am married, and I know that sometimes married couple gets into an argument. The thing is when it comes to physical and verbal abuse, the victim is scared to get out of the relationship. There’s a psychological explanation to this in the medical field, and the victims follow a certain cycle and at this point they really need help to let them realize that it is okay to run away and save themselves.

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  3. What people often don’t understand is that the victim has been so beaten down emotionally, and convinced in the sickest possible way that they would not survive without the abuser. Therefore it seems at the time that to stay is in fact the “better” option, even thought that is not the case. It is also very dangerous for a woman to leave an abusive man – the repercussions of leaving can be fatal.

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