LIGHT Up The Darkness

We as men are taught while growing up to be tough and strong.

Something we are not taught is a man doesn’t have to prove how tough and strong he is.

Hate toward anyone or any creature is NOT strong or tough.

It’s weak and weak minded and those that live this type of life pass it on to the children, it’s like a Disease that spreads and grows like a fungus.

It chips away at your heart until it’s small and filled with darkness.

If you want to be a man stand against hate with your head high and have a voice that’s loud so you will be heard.

If you want to be strong and tough then fight on the side of good and show others that humanity is stronger than hate.

Show that Love shines bright and it can pierce through the darkness.

Stand tall and stand with Honor!


  1. So many are also shown and program to run from the darkness which is apart of you. Whether you accept it or not its a fact !

    As I said before to truly know the RAW YOU , you need to embrace all of you “not just what you want others to see because who they see and who you really are when you try to blend for acceptance of others it shouldn’t’ matter .

    Nothing is ever black and white including the reign of war that wages inside .

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  2. I will never compromised my core values and virtues been forged into my veins by my Father. Your greatest testament you will face reflects back at you how you respond to your adversity is up to you …You alone.

    There are wolves and sheep you’re either born one or the other, something that cannot be taught its forged inside of you either you have heart of valour or you don’t.

    In a world that see Alpha’s as unacceptable why because logic and facts outweighs how you feel or your emotional responses.

    If you don’t stand for what matters most excel greatness then who empathy is overrated nice guys will always finish last. Why because they allow others to dictates your responses and they lack the will to act.

    Arabian Proverb: “Those that are not wolves are eaten by wolves”


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