Vivi La Vita


We all have a Powerful force dwelling inside us!

I have suffered many torments and many trails that life and some others have put upon me but I have found the strength of the mind and My will to push forward can drive me to become who and what I need to be.

It doesn’t matter how bad you may feel after life and others have turned their back on you, find your own self-worth and the will to make your life yours again!

Strength is not what you can do but what you can achieve with it.

7 Replies to “Strength”

  1. “Out of strongest souls that emerged are seared with the most scars”

    Fall in 7 up in 8

    There is nothing that will hit you harder and put you on your ass quicker then life , it shattered you to your knees if you let it .

    How many times your KO doesn’t how you respond to adversity you either rise like a Phoenix from the fire or lay smashed in the ashes of dismay in ruins.

    After everything I was subjected to , and endured tried to shattered me to nothing but yet
    I am still here .

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          1. Its story of trial and tribulations” overcoming adversity after being shattered into submission . Yet she still fights and her will to live at any costs well wearing a mask to hide the dismay of erosion. From everything and everyone that seems to embrace her path. Only to see she is not deserving of pure solidity of deep meaning of true joy. So she endures being dip into the fire baptized reign of Reaper’s gamble watching as spectator taking pleasure in her demise well saying

            I’m not going to ever give you want you fucking want”.You want to extinguished me come fucking proclaim my soul.

            “Until I have nothing left I will never surrender.”

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