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The Struggle Of Depression

Sometimes we all fell alone even when we are with someone, depression is something that a pill will not help. The only real solution for depression is your state of mind.

Now dr’s and some people will argue this but I’m not here to debate the subject, I have had it and I AM all the proof I need!

If you want your own proof then TRY to have a positive outlook and find 1 thing you enjoy doing. Don’t listen to anyone if they have a negative opinion on what you enjoy, you are NOT doing it for them this is for you.

Now try to do this or something else you like every day and always keep a good thought on your mind.

Have a state of mind that your happy and going to stay happy. You’re DONE with anything that brings you back to the negative thoughts and feelings.

your life is to short and to precious to let depression rule it.

For me sometimes all I have to do is go sit on my front porch and watch the wind blowing through the trees and feel its coolness rushing over me. While watching the birds flying around looking for food for their babies.

Other times I might listen to some music and remember how much my kids loved to turn it up and dance around the house. Even though they are gone it still makes me smile.

I know it’s hard to do any of these things while you feel low but what is really the choice? Keep feeling this way and fall further into the abyss or claw your way to happiness and make it stick!

4 Replies to “The Struggle Of Depression”

    1. I will agree but for me, if I need a pill to feel better then do I really feel better? or at least that’s how I choose to see it. I also had Panic attacks every day it seemed until I realized it was just in my head and I made myself overcome them. now I never have them. I think a lot of us are TOLD it’s a condition when in fact, it’s really not. but again these are my experiences and feelings.
      Thank you for reading and input is always welcome.

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      1. It has to do with dopamine and other biochemical neurotransmitters – some individuals brains just don’t make enough of them thus causing depression.

        Diet also plays a part – studies are starting to link high fat diets to depression while eating nutritionally deficient food i.e. junk food causes depression.

        I prefer a balanced approach back in my 30’s I had good results taking wellbrutrin until the doctor increased the dosage causing sexual side effects. So I did my own research and started taking 300mg of St. John’s wart every morning – GNC brand. It’s not a happy pill by any means but is does provide what my brain can’t produce on its own and helps to balance out my moods.

        That allows me to work on my thoughts and I’ve found that helping others works wonders – their happiness becomes my happiness. In other words what we do for others rebounds back on ourselves – when we are positive towards others, even if they don’t respond back, that positivity reflects back onto us.

        Reactive depression is the hardest to deal with because it’s caused by conflict with others and/or situations we have absolutely no control over what so ever.

        Plus I’m a realist not a optimist nor a pessimist because both the pessimist and the optimist deny reality. The optimist ignores the negative and pretends to be happy while the pessimist refuses to see the positive and only focuses on the negative.

        I simply deal with the situation in a realistic manner accepting the reality of both the positive and negative aspects.

        I was laid off due to lack of work last Oct. and am facing bankruptcy – will see a lawyer Friday.

        I’m happier then I’ve ever been doing what I do now because my job allows me to help other people.

        On the other hand I’m pissed at my employer because they refuse to consider my 39 years of experience because it wasn’t in retail yet expect me to literally work my butt off for half of what I was making before being laid off.

        No one that I know of enjoys being taken advantage of and every job I’ve looked into requires those who apply to start at the bottom no matter how much experience they have.

        At 60 I’m not going to work like a 20 year old while being paid like someone just out of high school in a factory that isn’t air conditioned.

        That’s why I’m staying where I am and have already filed a complaint with the district manager. My next step is to consult with a lawyer then take my issues with the retail industry onto the internet and perhaps become a political activist.

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        1. You have a lot of wise words my friend and as far as the work part you talked about I think you and I could talk for hours LOL I think we have to same ideas and thoughts on the illnesses and I do agree with everything you said. I just posted another on this. I offer NO cure only what has helped ME. if you would ever like to actually talk or text contact me and Id love to know more about your viewpoints and veryious subjects.

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