An Award I never thought of me getting!

wifeblah has been so kind to me and now she bestows a gift that I never truly thought I’d ever receive. I love her writing and video’s but to be totally honest I think it’s the person that resides inside her that I found most rewarding.

I have a few questions to answer so here we go and I hope I do a good job for her.

#1 How many blogs you owned before this one you have now? I have 58 published blogs and almost twice as many deleted. yup pretty new here.

#2 What is your blogging style? I can’t say I have a style presa but I try to bring happiness, joy, hope, and anything uplifting to others.

#3 What’s your favorite font style? Modern? Cursive? Fun? I would have to say FUN but sometimes it depends on my mood or the topic.

#4 Minimalist Clean or Colorful Decorative? I would have to say I have more of an conservative approach to my blogs but I do mix it up.

#5 First thing you do when you wake up? HaHa this one is easy! I head to the computer to great my friends here and read any comments I may have.

#6 Do yo always misplace your phone? NO I simply can’t have that happen. I have a mother that needs me and children that could need something at any time.

#7 Do you talk to yourself? This I do from time to time but it’s not really talking to myself it’s more thinking out loud about things I may write about or something that has been praying on my mind.

#8 Who’s the last person that gave you a big hug? This would have to be my son Jared! He always thinks of me and visits when he’s able.

#9 Who’s the last person that messaged you? This would be wifeblah letting me know about this award and a few comments that I appreciate.

#10 When was the last time you pray and say thanks? Mostly in the mornings more than the night, I guess because God gave me another day to enjoy.

#11 When was the last time you appreciate yourself while starring at the mirror? I have never done this! I just never have seen myself that way. I don’t ask for anything from anyone, live a pretty simple life.

I want to take a second to of course thank Wifeblah but I also want to thank each of you that have taken the time out of your lives to become a part of mine!


    1. I’m not sure when is the best time or how to go about finding more time. Right now I do work and I work long hours and in between I try to write and I try to connect with you and others so that I might grow and make as many friends as I can.


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