We all have them but we can’t let them consume us , because that’s what regrets do they keep eating away at us and taking good life away in the process.

Our regrets can vary from 1000’s of different things so I could never cover them all on this post BUT what I can do is give a few examples, the bottom line will be the same no matter which of the 1000’s might be your regret.

Love or the possibility of love is a BIG regret most have.

On this subject, all I can really say is some of us over think it and that’s a poison that can turn into a habit and take over most decisions and then you have nothing that really matters.

below is a small list of common regrets

I found another quote/picture but I have to say it hits the nail on the head. It reads A person is not old until they let regrets take the place of their dreams.

Whether your regrets are Love, not taking a job, missing your son’s ball game, or anything that prays on your mind, you need to let them go and be forgotten! You can’t take them back and they really aren’t as important as what you do today!!!!! Make that life you wished you had or ask your son to play catch with you, or maybe as that certain person to go out.

Point is NOTHING is ever too late if it bothers you then forget the past and look toward the future

I can say these things because I know how many mistakes and regrets I have had and all they do is worsen as you let them grown. I changed my life and how I look at things and now I have to admit I feel love and peace of mind all the time now. You can feel the same way if you only make up your mind to do so.