Is being a romantic Good or Bad?

I have wondered from my own experiences that sometimes I’m not sure if being a romantic is still wanted or if it’s better just to tone it down when being with someone.

I know not to overdo but when it comes down to showing someone I care and I respect them I may do little things like open a door for them.

But then after we have grown in a relationship and I find myself loving the person I can’t help but show it.

Maybe with a kiss and watch the people around me fade away into the background and all I can see is the person in front of me.

Once we were in a shopping mall and as I watched her walking beside me a song started playing over the speakers and I took her hand and I started to dance, she looked at me for a second like we can’t but then she took my hand and danced to the one song, when it was over we laughed, held hands and returned to our shopping.

Another time we were walking to the car when a spring shower began, I took her hand and pulled her close and as the rain gently ran over us we kissed and didn’t even think about the rain or what others might be thinking.

One day I took her hand and put it to my chest. At first, it scared her and I looked her in the eye and so softly no hon just feel how strong my heart is beating, it’s like that whenever I’m close to you and I’ve never felt that before.

Other times I just want to be close and watch a sunset together, not thinking, not talking, just watching as the sun slowly hides beneath the horizon.


  1. Romance is a relationship. It’s nakedness when clothes aren’t involved. It’s transparency, honesty, and trust. So many people are scared to open up their hearts to what’s real…

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    1. My heart use to be hard but I’ve found a better place and its really opened my eyes to so much. maybe to open at times because this world troubles me in so many ways.


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