Going Home


This has been one of my hardest Blogs to write!

Have you had something in your life that was life changing? I have had a couple and this was the biggest and hardest. Maybe because of my youth or that it was so catastrophic.

When I was in my very young teens I met someone that came into my life and to this day I still love with all of my beings.

She in my eyes was beautiful and always so kind. She told me about many things she wished she could change, one of which was the loss of her mother to a wreck years ago.

We didn’t have many dates and we didn’t get to do the things that I’ve done since while dating others.

But we did get very close and she became more than just a girl I fell in love with she became my friend.

God must have heard her prayers and her cries at night because she and her family went into town one day and she got her hair done and was feeling like more of the girl I came to know and love.

On the way home, she was allowed to drive and God used this day to bring Robbin to his home so she could once again be with her mother!

I was at work when I received a call from my mother telling me what had happened. Needless to say, I really did feel I hit rock bottom and this changed me and who I am.

I was asked to be a pallbearer for her and I did knowing what I was about to do was so hard but, it was the last thing I could ever do for her so I was proud to do so.

I have very few pictures of her and sometimes I can hardly bring myself to look at them because everything comes crashing back but then I know I have to look at them and remember her and her voice. I still visit her from time to time but I’m ashamed it isn’t more often.

Home in Mother’s Embrace