Saying Goodbye


This is always a hard thing to do, but sometimes it is necessary.

Saying goodbye to a loved one has to be one of the hardest things to do, I’m not talking about the passing of someone but the act of telling someone close to you that you must move on.

It could be someone you date or even married to or a close friend.

For whatever the reason the day comes to say goodbye and before you even bring yourself to do it your mind struggles with the thought. You look at old pictures, you think about past events you shared.

Doing the deed and getting closer is the only way to move on and make the life your heart desires.

We do have choices to make!

We can either stay and the result is neither being happy.

Or we can break up and maybe if there was love there still can be but in a different way.

It may not even be that you’re not really unhappy but you know things would be better because your heart says there is another out there, or maybe a different life that your heart has to live.

Bottom line is somebody may be hurt but if it’s handled well it may not be as bad as it could be if it’s left to fester.

It’s really hard to know which to follow, your heart or your mind. For this, I have no good answer. You may never know what’s right and what’s wrong but if you think about something or someone then maybe you already have your answer.