Panic Attacks


Here is the one I personally have suffered from in the past but today I never have them.

A few years back I would have Panic Attacks almost once a week.

I’m not sure what brings them on a person and would like to help as many as I can on the subject but I can only tell you my experiences and how I overcame them.

First like I said I had these events really very often, and it seemed to grow in intensity. I had them even wake me from a deep sleep but most often they occurred during the daylight hours.

When it first started it was an annoyance and then grew into a full-blown (I’m dying) the feeling even got so bad at times I would call my family and ask them to check on me because I knew for sure I wasn’t for this earth much longer.

The picture above is not so over dramatic if you have ever suffered from this disorder. I had even called the police as I was driving myself to the hospital, that’s how intense this was. I was really afraid that I wasn’t going to make it there before something serious happened.

Once I got to the hospital they took very good care of me and watched over me often I never felt alone. The longer I laid there the more it went away and finally after test and constant communication with me they said they were sure it was a Panic Attack.

Now after about 10 of these trips it was not only driving me nuts but was becoming more than my income could handle.

Then one day while driving into work of all the things I was about to have another attack when something very odd happened.

I passed a tree much like the one above and it caught my eye. I thought that would make such an awesome Photograph. And then as it passed I looked back to the road and said to myself WAIT!

The feeling wasn’t gone but it had subsided a lot and then I started to think about my hospital visits and what all occurred at that time. Yeah, I had nothing else to do when the doctors and nurses weren’t talking to me so I laid there watching the secondhand of the clock hanging on the wall just in front of me.

That’s when it hit me like a lightning bolt!

This was only in my head, I can and was going to overcome this.

So I concentrated on other objects as I was driving and YES it went completely away. Since then when I felt one coming on I thought to myself nope not this time and would find something, anything to keep my attention and after about 3 months I never had another Panic Attack!

I can’t say this was the answer to this problem for everyone but only that it worked for me, and as time went on I applied it to other events in my life like stress, depression, etc. and found the power I had to control these things by using my will and my choices.

If I was having a bad day for whatever reason I would say NOPE and would start up my music, maybe start to write about something, or even clean the house.

A: I was getting it off my mind. B: I was staying active. C: I chose not to let any of them control me.

Love and Peace to All 😊