Be Who You Were Meant To Be


When you were born you had your entire life ahead of you.

You were such an innocent little thing and the world was excepting you as you were, if you feel that has changed whom is to blame?

But that doesn’t mean it has to be the way it is now. You may have made some choices that led you here but life’s road is crooked and has many turns.

There is always one thing you haven’t done yet. Make one more choice and take the path that is you being yourself. The you that was born all those years ago.

When you see that red eyes demon turn your back on him and never fear because thats what he thrives on! Turn your back and walk away saying NO not this time!

The demons may be different for you than the demon for someone else but trust me it’s the same demon. The one that wants to see you fail. the one that wants you down because the more you feel worthless the more control he has over you.

Once you turn your back and say NO he becomes weak and looses his grip on you. This is when your life begins all over for you and once you are on this path never falter from it and life will give you something that you lost a long time ago.

A smile! and yes friends that really do care about you and what happens with you for the rest of your life and if you ever see a hint of that demon think of them and they will stand by you to worn off the demon.

You will never be or feel alone again!

Live life and know someone always cares.