Listening to Grandfather


When I was young my Grandfather use to ask why I was so quiet, I never had an answer for him but Papaw if you’re able to hear this I wanted to tell you the reason I was always so quiet was because I was taking in every word you spoke and I learned so much by doing that.

You always told such interesting stories and I knew if I only listened, I would enjoy myself! Some of your stories were about the wars you were in others might have only been about hunting trips you and your father or Grandfather would go on together but it never mattered what the story was about I loved them all and they helped form who I am today.

 Right now, the sun is so bright, and I am sitting on my porch watching the birds and remembering how you always knew every kind of them and what sounds they made and some you could even mock. I can hear you saying look Jimmy there’s a Cardinal you know him by his bright red color and his song. Did you know the male Cardinal is prettier and brighter than the female, it’s the same with most but not all birds.

I remember waking up Saturday morning and rushing to the breakfast table so we could go on our weekend fishing trips. After we got to the lake you let me back the boat into the water and then pick you up after you parked the truck.

Then while we were out you should me things like where an old road use to go right where the lake is now, and the best places spots were to catch fish. You told me so many spots to go to and I still remember them all. You even showed me places to watch out for when the water may be low so that I wouldn’t ever get hurt. One of my best memories was the day I caught my first Bass and how excited you were! Weeks later you surprised me by having it mounted and told me to hang it in my room so I would always remember that day, it’s still on my wall and I remember almost every second of that day.

Grandfather I wish you were here and still telling me your stories!

By James H. Ward