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Tormented Love

Tormented Love

She was everything a man could ever want in a woman, but she had a secret. She had a dark side that tormented her very existence.  

I was in New York City for two weeks on vacation, I had never been there before and was excited to explore this fascinating place.

My first stop after I arrived at my motel and had my room setup was a small pub, what better place to maybe meet someone in a relaxed environment that could tell me where some of the best places to visit are, Yes I could have gone to an information office or even looked up places on the internet but I have found people that live in places will steer you around the tourist traps and show you the truly better places to go.

I met some very nice people there; they all were eager to chat with me and gave me a big list of places I should visit while I was there. I was talking to the bartender about what was on the menu for a small meal since I hadn’t eaten in hrs. I heard an odd noise outside, almost sounded like the beating of wings.

The sound continued for several minutes and it got my mind to wondering what it could be. I told the bartender I would eat later and paid for what I had to drink.

As I was leaving, I could hear the sound again but fainter like it was in the distance, I walked toward the sound watching for what it could possibly be.

After I walked for twenty minutes or so I could no longer hear the sound. I thought maybe it was part jetlag and the drinks I had at the pub, so I headed back to the motel to try and get a snack there and get off to bed.

I laid in bed thinking of what to do tomorrow and decided the first thing might be to take a morning walk in Central Park. So, I turned my music on and fell asleep a few minutes later.

The next morning, I got dressed and headed for the park after I arrived, I thought this was a very beautiful place. As I walked, I encountered many different people, some were walking dogs and others playing with their children, while others were there like myself just there for a walk or run.  While looking at some flowers a police officer approached me and asked if I had lost my wallet, I reached for my back pocket and in fact, it was gone. He then handed me the wallet and asked if everything was there. I examined the wallet and I said its mine, and everything seems to be in order. He said a young lady found it and gave it to him, she didn’t leave a name because she didn’t want anything for its return.

 After he left, I continued with my walk and was thinking about where to go next. Maybe the statue of liberty would be a good place to go.

I know it’s for tourist but it’s also history and a magnificent obstacle. So that’s where I headed, I hailed a cab and I was on my way.

 While I was walking up to the entrance a lady started walking beside me and asked if I was enjoying myself. I said that I was, she asked if I had ever been there and I replied that I had not. She said I was in for a memorable visit. When we came to the entrance there were some odd symbols that puzzled me.

As I walked by, I turned to look back and I saw another symbol etched into the wall.

I drew this later that night so I would remember it.

While on tour the same lady approached me again and asked what I thought so far. I told her everything was simply amazing.

I then asked if she lived there or was on vacation like myself. She replied she was indeed on vacation. She told me she was from Ireland at the present time, but she was born in Spain.

I knew she wasn’t from New York just from looking at her, but it was a conversation piece since I wanted to know more about her.

I asked her if she would like to maybe go on a date later that night and with her head down and a small smile, she said yes, she would be delighted to.

 We met at eight o’clock, she was wearing a dress and it looked beautiful on her.

That date leads to many more and her moving in with me. Soon I felt myself falling in love with who had become Such a big part of my life. We found so many things that we had in common and I felt as if I’ve known her all my life.

Soon it had become 3 years and I knew this is whom I wanted to spend my life with, and the day came that I was going to propose to her.

That night I had her over and as we stood on the balcony of my high-rise apartment, I took her hand and said there was something I had put off for a while now, but I couldn’t do that any longer. She must have known what I had in mind because she looked me in the eye and said darling, I do love you but there is something I need to tell you first. She asked if we could go for a walk, I replied sure.

She took my hand and we headed down the street, we then got a taxi, she told the driver an address and when we arrived, I was looking at an old mansion that had to be fifty years old or better.

I wasn’t sure where we were or how she even knew of this place since she had been living in Ireland and not here in Boston. We walked to the front door and before we could ring the bell the door opened and there was a man with long hair and dressed very well, that is if it was sixty years ago or longer.

He asked us by name to come in, by this time I was really becoming uneasy with the entire situation. He led us to the study, we all sat down, and she began to tell me how she had known me for a long time and has watched me for years. She then stated that I was from a long line of royalty in from Spain. She then said her family and mine had married for hundreds of years. And that we had to keep that bloodline continuing, but before she told me anything further, she also had to show me something and she took my hand and walked me to a garden out back. She said this was going to be hard and that she was so sorry for deceiving me for so long, but she had to make sure that I was ready and able to know everything.

She then asked if I would kiss her one more time in case it might be our last. I did and she stepped back a couple of feet and she said please keep an open mind and try not to judge or be frightened.

She then turned away for a minute or two then she turned to face me and began to undress. My eyes became wide open as what I thought looked like wings growing from her back.

She said this is my secret, a secret that has been hidden for thousands of years within her family. She took my hand and said your family has been our protectors since the beginning of time.

The wings disappeared and she began to dress. I was, well totally lost in emotion and shock. This woman I have fallen in love with was a vampire, how was I to be ok with all of it, or should I just run as fast as my legs would carry me. I decided I must know more, more about her and more about the family she said I had in Spain. No matter how frightened I was, I did love her and if there was more to my life than I knew before I had to find the answers.

Chapter 2 Will be coming soon and I hope you enjoyed your time reading this short story.

By James H. Ward

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      1. I understand that well, and I really understand if you not having time to post or comments🦋But, I deeply appreciate your words… it resonates with my soul, so I just wanted you to know🦋Thank you for your answer.
        Your another project is something you write about?
        Well, enjoy your day🦋

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