Life slips away


Sometimes we never see things that are right in front of us.

Never over think but in the same aspect never lose a thought when somewhere in your mind, heart, or soul you know it’s there waiting for you to only acknowledge it.

We have all had a thought just pop into our mind’s that seemed like it came from nowhere, when this happens try to concentrate on that thought for a few minutes, it may not have been as random as you might have first thought. Not all the time but sometimes the thought comes from your subconscious and was triggered by a word or maybe even just a sent that was in the air, the smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. If you are busy and really can’t take the time to concentrate on the thought be sure to write it down and maybe a quick description of what was happening at the time.

I have had a person I’ve known from my past just enter my mind for no apparent reason sometimes I have ignored it only to find out that something had happened to them or on that very day they had thought of me. Some may call it fate and it well could be, or it may be more than that, the mind is a powerful thing if we could only unlock all its secrets.

Say a person does come to mind it might be a good idea to try and reach them maybe just to say hello or that you wanted to see how they have been doing since last you spoke.

If you don’t contact them because sure it was probably nothing, then you may never know if just saying hello might have been the start of what you have been looking for your entire life. this happened to me more than once so, one day I acted on the thought and found that for years they have had me on their mind and always wanted to maybe go on a date but being female she never came forward on her feelings because the era she came from that wasn’t really what women did.

So much of my life had slipped by not knowing what or who I was looking for simply because I didn’t act or pursue a simple thought or feeling. So, men, you should not let this happen to you but, don’t let it seem weird to the ladies or like it’s stalking use tact when trying to find out if the thought or feeling was truly something or nothing at all. And to the ladies out there this is a new world that has become more outgoing and excepts more than it did in the past so YES it’s fine to make the first move and examine your thoughts or feelings as well.