A father’s Love

Blue Skies Photo by James Ward ©

The day I found out your mother was expecting with my son, was the beginning of true happiness.

Then years later my son pointed out that HE found his second little sister at your mom’s Dr’s visit I knew I was blessed.

But only when I stood in the delivery room each time and watched your birth did, I truly know there is a god!

I may have missed out on a lot of memories, but I also have so many that I can cherish all my life.

A father’s love for his daughter is stronger than anything ever known, and I was blessed with two that I can share that with. I father’s love for his son is just as strong but with a son he becomes your best friend as well.

I’m not sure if your love has faded for me or not but your mother can tell you that when you were little if you were awake you were always in my arms and more times than I can count I held you even as you slept.

After you moved away, I felt ripped apart! But I kept you in my heart and in my thoughts!

I kept photos of you all on my computer and cell phone, I say good morning and good night to you all every day!
Sometimes I held your blankets or pillows, so I had something of yours with me.

Now that your older I want you to know nothing has changed! I still do and always will think of you as my baby girls and my little man, just waiting for daddy to wrap his arms around you and smother you all in kisses and hugs!