Where Will My Mind Go Today?


Beautiful Bird photo By James Ward ©

The first thing is my title and sometimes that’s a very complex thing.


The second thing is the Photo I took of this beautiful little guy, He watches me sometimes as he’s doing now and sometimes I really wonder if nature is as curious as we are or if they know something we don’t LOL

The third thing is the music I’m playing right now, never thought I be listening to Disturbed! but yes that’s what I’m doing and to be honest The Sound Of Silence tends to put me in a good place for writing and thinking.

As I’m doing all of this I have been reading a couple of post here and 1 I had to make my first comment on. I hope she reads this and understands it wasn’t just something to do I really did enjoy it and it actually moved me to sit still long enough to write this post.

I feel overwhelmed sometimes with all the thoughts, hopes, despairs, and concerns that race through my mind it seems 24/7 and coming here I hope will help get some of those out. I have found it really is a wonderful outlet.

My main thoughts are usually about my children and what this world will bring them. It’s funny I haven’t told them about this site or that I’m even on it, I’m not sure if I want to now or wait for later years and give them something of me to always have.

My Dad that I miss so very much!

The man above was such a good man and I know everyone says that but he truly was. Family was all he knew and he made me who I am by keeping that idea inside me. He was my stepfather but he never made me feel that he was.